Themes and Subthemes

As Nepal prepares to decentralize country’s policies and programs from formerly centralized government to the state and local levels, King’s College has felt a need to host an evidence-based conference in Nepal so as to support all stakeholders involved in the process of current transition.

To properly address the changing political and business phenomenon, the organizers of the conference have selected “Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Federal Nepal” as the main theme of the conference this year.

As it is not possible to bring into discussion all issues pertaining to entrepreneurship and federalism in a single conference, we aim to touch upon some of the key issues that we believe are crucial for driving entrepreneurial initiatives under Nepal’s decentralized economy. The sub-themes for the conference are, but not limited to:

  1. Federal Policies
  2. Social Entrepreneurship
  3. Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  4. Private Sector and Entrepreneurship, and
  5. Vision 2030, SDGs and Entrepreneurship

The conference will include:

  • Plenary and and Panel sessions highlighting the main conference theme and sub-themes;
  • Presentations and discussions of academic research, policy driven and reflective practitioner-oriented papers;
  • Networking opportunities for the future;
  • Social Interactions;
  • Awards for two best papers: a) best theoretical framework; and b) best idea in the paper (only papers submitted by the deadline will be considered for the awards).