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Global wave for organized dialogues and academic research has been encouraging in recent years. As a result, universities and governments around the world have been bringing together politicians, policy makers, researchers, banks and financial institutions (BFIs), and business startups to discuss about recent developments in entrepreneurship in their respective local communities and at global level at large.

In a highly globalised world, Nepal too has become an integral part of worldwide evidence-based debates and discussions on entrepreneurship. The interest among government institutions, private stakeholders, BFIs and business startups is also heightening in the recent decade. To nurture and also support these developments, King’s College has started offering business courses in entrepreneurship since 2012. Currently, the college offers business and entrepreneurship courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, to share college’s research works with concerned stakeholders, students, partners and the general public; the college has been organizing an annual conference focusing on themes related to entrepreneurship and economic development of Nepal.

To continue this tradition, King’s College is organizing the third edition of it’s annual conference between November 22 – 24, 2018.